Power Brunch provides a platform for attendees to


Attendees collaborate on their vision, goals, and ideas.

Share knowledge

Attendees share their knowledge and experience to assist others in their endeavors.


Attendees learn from the featured speaker, topic or other attendees.

Build Relationships

Attendees take the initial step in developing collaborative achievement relationships.

Cuisine - Conversation - Collaboration

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People are hungry for positive change and experiences, for something different. Power Brunch™ feeds this growing appetite by leveraging the power of a shared meal.

Power Brunch™ is a personal/professional development event that combines conversation and content that leads to collaboration along with cuisine. It is a faciliated, structured, interactive event designed for individuals who want to progress and grow.

The purpose of the Power Brunch™ is to have positive, progressive conversations to empower each other to achieve their personal, professional, and/or business goals. To achieve this, we create and maintain a “judge free” positive environment based on the Pursuit of Greatness™ knowledge sharing guidelines.

Bring an appetite for more, for better, for growth. Come feed your mind, body, and spirit. Learn from others. Receive from others. Empower others.

Power Brunch is hosted by Taste Me Please
Power Brunch™ and Taste Me Please are I M Brands

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